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The Woodberry Harrier 2018: Volume 5

Facing it Together
Cross country is a sport that only runners can understand.The love we have for this sport isn’t about trophies or publicity.We don’t run for the spectators or for the praise.We do it because of who it makes us.It becomes a lifestyle, dictating what we eat, how we sleep, what we do in our free time, and even how we think.It keeps us honest.
Being a runner is about being what no one else wants to be.No one wants to put himselfthrough three reps of Moormont, say no to every dessert, or run himself literally into the dirt with no acclaim. Running makes a person strong.It has made me love the throb in my temples after a race. It has taught me to lean in when the pain comes.Most of all, it has shown me that I could do an extra rep when my body told me I couldn’t.It’s made me see that I can always be stronger and better tomorrow if I push harder today.
It’s easy to say these things when all goes well.But this year was a really hard one.Every person on the team had some injur…

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